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I am the Savior of the heavens

I am the Savior of the heavens

I am the Savior of the heavens

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    I am the Savior of the heavens
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    Think of salted fish against the sky
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    Vchale Novel
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2021-12-07 01:10:32
Tang Ze has gained the ability to travel through the film and television world and can copy the ability of others. What will he do broken swordsman, embroidered spring sword, Kung Fu, Mr. zombie, Huang Feihong... "the kingdom of Jin is coming, Bianjing is surrounded, and the great Song Dynasty is coming to an end! What? The great general of the kingdom of Jin has been brought to an end, and has withdrawn? Who did it? What? The officials have also been killed!" ... "The Ming Dynasty is already very weak. My daughter is really invincible. Now my daughter has 100000 troops to enter the Central Plains!" "inform the emperor that someone broke through the army with yellow flag and zhenghuang flag and killed here. We can't resist it. The emperor, run away!" Hu nobody, Han Daochang!

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