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White clothes are armour

White clothes are armour

White clothes are armour

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    White clothes are armour
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    Your so-called wrong way
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    Health Books
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2022-01-15 16:07:20
In 2012, Xu gongdao, a fledgling graduate student in surgery, firmly believed that medical treatment in Shenzhen would develop rapidly in the next 10 years. As soon as he graduated, he was admitted to a public secondary scale community hospital in Shenzhen. But I didn't expect to find a "talent shortage" in the community hospital on the first day after joining the post. At the request of the hospital leaders, he can only transform to be a front-line emergency department doctor for the time being the life of the grass-roots community hospital is quite different from the pure medical life of Xu gongdao in the professional training of the third class hospital. The family contracted doctors, community residents file, go to the countryside for physical examination, public health, chronic disease management, outpatient and inpatient departments. In addition to seeing a doctor, his work experience almost starts from scratch. His life in the grass-roots community hospital made him gradually understand his responsibility as a community doctor. Finally, with his exquisite medical skills, he robbed the lives of countless community residents at the moment of life and death, and won the trust of community residents in the community hospital.

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