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Emperor s growth plan

Emperor s growth plan

Emperor s growth plan

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    Emperor s growth plan
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    A piece of egg shell
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-15 07:30:15
Other people's crossing is the system in hand. I have it in the world. Liu Yi's crossing is a nightmare difficulty there was Wang's disorderly administration in the imperial court. Outside the imperial court, there were Huang Jin Heavenly Kingdom and the king's army. The emperor's favorite minister was Wang Mang, the central general was Dong Zhuo, the general manager of the imperial court was Wei Zhongxian, the emperor's favorite imperial concubine was Zhao Feiyan, the magistrate of Jiangnan was Sun Jian, the magistrate of Longyou was Li Yuan, the magistrate of Hebei was Zhao Kuangyin, the magistrate of Shannan was Zhu Yuanzhang, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu, Chen Sheng, Liu Xiu and Cao Cao Cao. Several heroes were ready to move, tie Muzhen Nurhachi, Wanyan Aguda, Yelv abaoji, and Li Yuanhao are all eyeing other nations. Even Japan, who has a good life, wants to step on Yuchao in this chaotic era of strife in the whole history, can Liu Yi sweep away all countries and dominate the world with his own pit father system? Let's wait and see... (Book Group 8, 9, 3, 4, 3, 3, 0, 4, 1. Interested friends can add it and have a chat together)

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