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The first minister of the Ming Dynasty

The first minister of the Ming Dynasty

The first minister of the Ming Dynasty

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    The first minister of the Ming Dynasty
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    All history is ashes
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2022-01-27 01:18:50
At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, outside the city of Haozhou, Zhu Yuanzhang picked up a young man. Since then, Emperor Hongwu has an extra arm. Anti yuan soldiers crossed the Yangtze River, destroyed Chen Youliang and attacked Zhang Shicheng. Create Daming and recover Yanyun I am everywhere since then, Hong Wu has established the country without regret. The foundation of Daming is as solid as gold for Xiao Ming Wang, we need to adopt four-stage tactics first of all, we claim nothing secondly, we say that something may have happened, but we don't have to do anything again, we said maybe we should do something, but unfortunately we can't do anything finally, we regret that King Xiaoming died for his country. If only he had done something at the beginning... someone asked: as the first confidant and important Minister of Taizu, how can I easily avoid wind and rain and enjoy the year of heaven Zhang Ximeng said modestly, "servants are just a humble public instrument of the Ming Dynasty, used to hold the fruits of the emperor Taizu's careful consideration!"

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