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Film and television world: I m really not a good man

Film and television world: I m really not a good man

Film and television world: I m really not a good man

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2018 ratings
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    Film and television world: I m really not a good man
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    Emperor's Children
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-01-15 03:56:39
After crossing the "familiar and strange" world, Li Lin woke up and found a woman named "Nanli" lying beside him... he finally walked out of the hotel door in the ambiguous and shocked eyes of the hotel lobby manager "carambola", and he received a call from a woman named "Tong Wenjie", Let yourself forget what happened that night... depressed + inexplicable Li Lin wanted to go back to the dormitory and calm down. As a result, he was stopped by a fiery red Ferrari sports car at the school gate. A beautiful woman named "Jiang Lai" came down and said that she would dare to go home with her to see her parents... Li Lin finally got away from the entanglement and returned to the dormitory, Before she could catch her breath, a woman who called herself "Andy" called and asked her to meet in the evening and ask how much money she would pay to return the photo to her... ... Li Lin was unable to cry or laugh about the above series of experiences. However, the nameless Buddhist "system" suddenly said: it threatened that it was not over! The meaning of its existence is to cultivate itself into a "good man" good guy! I'm in big trouble this time... the main world is the comprehensive film horizon, mainly urban types. At present, it includes but is not limited to xiaoshede, let's get married, xiaohuanxi, good sir, ode to joy, etc. In the follow-up, according to the specific situation, it may be added one by one, such as thirty, twenty, all very good, etc after that, there are cross world services, mainly American dramas, Japanese dramas and non urban dramas. Of course, you can also mention any suggestions. After all, cloud writes books

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