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The heavens begin with nailuo

The heavens begin with nailuo

The heavens begin with nailuo

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    The heavens begin with nailuo
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    Half multiplication
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-18 12:31:26
Growing up under the red flag, living in a new era, suffering from housing and car loans, a good young man with three noes... Yang Xiaowei four years after graduating from college, at a party with three close friends, they first made a bold statement to do three things at once, and then they were quickly poured down and shrunk under the table. When they woke up again, people had come to a world full of demons and ghosts "eh, this is the world of Inuyasha, and I have become the big boss of the whole play?" "how can it be such a hard force?" "isn't it good to replace the killing hall with the one bearing the responsibility of appearance and strength?" "forget it, just pinch one thing like face; it's really impossible, so I'll take a step back and make the killing hall a part of the body of ten thousand demons!" Just as Yang Xiaowei accepted all this, he was happily ready to plan to kill the perfect beauty of the temple. Ah, no, it was the perfect Demon power. He suddenly clicked in his heart: among the three parts just made in the predecessor, the heart understanding ghost is cold?!

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