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The forefather of Fengshen

The forefather of Fengshen

The forefather of Fengshen

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    The forefather of Fengshen
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    Yunshan Zhushui
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    Beauty Read
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2022-01-11 06:41:28
"The earth moves, the stars shake, landslides fall, volcanoes, tsunamis, strong winds and thunder explode. The magic robbery is coming, and the muddy sky offers treasure. The dragon road can't come out, and it will melt away forever." it is said that the prophecy of ten thousand years has appeared, and the eight Pole continent has ushered in the end war of thousands of years a generation of Taoist ancestors reincarnated and killed all the ancient demons. Chen Zhan, the son of heaven, was born in response to robbery. From an ignorant young fisherman, after suffering and countless battles, he finally grew into a generation of God of war on the eight Pole continent brothers are united, and their profits break gold. How many sincere feelings, blood boiling heroism is short and children are long. How many sentimental love, unforgettable forever fight against people, demons and demons to cut off all the evil in the world for love, for people, for the world, only to save the world don't live for slaves What's the fear of death? I'd rather die free the love and hatred in the other world turn into the boundless universe in this world

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