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Return to 90 as a tycoon

Return to 90 as a tycoon

Return to 90 as a tycoon

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    Return to 90 as a tycoon
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    Mid chord moon Cl
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-23 17:02:24
"Dong Su, when your per capita salary was less than 200 yuan, you earned 10 billion yuan. Was that a special sense of achievement?" "little sister, have you ever heard of ruby?" "you mean that novelist who dared not YY and had thousands of beautiful women all his life, and Monroe cried for him, ate soft food and earned 100 billion dollars?" "Yes, living his ordinary life is my biggest dream in my life." Su Yang, together with the reporter, took everyone back to the campus era when flowers had bloomed and youth was about to fly.