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City of rabies

City of rabies

City of rabies

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    City of rabies
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    Hedgehog with knife
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    Air books
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2022-01-15 08:34:44
Why is Yangcheng dog fighting competition rising? Why Zhengsheng? Why decline Why did the golden family wolf green fighting dog sect lose its way? Why redemption? Why peak the story begins in an eye-catching battle in Yangcheng dog fighting competition. Can the former Dog King "fire line" resist the challenge of the third new dog king "Duke" finally, the "fire line", the dog king of the two previous dog fighting competitions, unexpectedly put the golden family wolf green dog fighting school into a desperate situation. The dog trainer of "fire line", Mr. Jin, also walked hard, had secrets, and hovered on the edge of being expelled from the dog fighting world who will be the ultimate savior of the Jin family who will replace the second generation dog trainer of the Jin family the protagonist Jin Rui, a 25-year-old boy, was ordered to take the place of his injured grandfather and move forward with a heavy load. Together with his friends, he was determined to find out the reasons why the "golden family wolf green fighting dog sect" was gradually in a desperate situation... all this was happening in Yangcheng, which was built along the river and supported by the mountain. Jin Rui said: the journey begins!

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