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Reburning 2001

Reburning 2001

Reburning 2001

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    Reburning 2001
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    Lao Liu likes dog food
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    Health Books
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2022-01-21 23:28:56
Wu Chuzhi, an investment banker, returned to the campus after his success, but was unexpectedly reborn. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the college entrance examination room, and the invigilator was coming to him with a bad look... back in 2001, in the face of his childhood friends, green plum and white moonlight, how should Wu Chuzhi change his life to save their tragic fate in their previous lives seeing the ups and downs of the business sea, we can see how the investment banking giants of previous generations hit the sky with their golden fingers and the fish soared to the bottom green plum has been with her since childhood, and she has never been independent. She sacrificed her life to save her. On the road of love, how should Wu Chuzhi choose a 20-year-old bookworm, it is a work to pay tribute to classics when books are scarce Lao Liu takes his own meaning. You can just take wine, peanuts and benches. I'll try to make this story without regret.

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