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Lapland s Wolf

Lapland s Wolf

Lapland s Wolf

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    Lapland s Wolf
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    The end of the sky
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    Hot Read
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2022-01-17 05:19:06
"What do you want to do, little fellow?" "I don't know, what about you?" "if you don't want to do anything, do me a favor." after making a deal with the legendary wolf God, Elvis went out of Syracuse and came to one place after another Victoria's imperial power fell. He sneaked into the darkness and took control of the government the shaelag family killed each other. He served as the guest of entry and contributed to the snow emperor Dayan has a large number of talents. He fried tea in spring snow and fought all the heroes in the world with one knife Elvis set foot on a land called kazdale and walked idly "would you like to join us?" the pink sakaz smiled. In her eyes, Elvis found a goal that he could strive for all his life the tower was crumbling. The White Wolf looked at it for the last time and left indifferently he smiled when he boarded the familiar deck again three years later "Babel warfighter stationed abroad, Elvis, report here." Group No.: 706567480 (unconditional)

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