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I am invincible

I am invincible

I am invincible

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    I am invincible
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    Baili salted fish
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    Cool Novel
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2022-01-15 07:18:51
[no system] [no brain, no dog licking] [expert down the mountain] Wang has also crossed into a world of urban cultivation. This world is called Earth Star. All the people in Daxia country cultivate martial arts. The millennium development has ushered in the prosperous age of martial arts, and human science and technology are perfectly combined with martial arts he became the elder martial brother of the holy land of Shushan mountain. After 20 years of practice, he broke through the realm of transforming gods and became the youngest monk of transforming gods in the world. He was born in the global youth cultivation competition. He killed all the arrogance of heaven with one sword, and was awarded the sword of heaven and earth in summer I wanted to continue to practice in Shushan mountain, but the master asked me to go down the mountain and die. I practiced in the secular world (pretending to be forced). Guess what, none of them can fight this book is also known as: elegant, never out of date. shining, one is enough. I may kill all of you here. I'm the king, who specializes in treating people who don't obey

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