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Noble mage behind rebirth

Noble mage behind rebirth

Noble mage behind rebirth

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    Noble mage behind rebirth
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    Super large nuclear flat pigeon
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    Clean book
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2021-11-25 21:05:35
After getting ready for the journey, the plot flow mage of the previous life played high and Xia yuan dressed as an NPC. He was also the fourth son of the Grand Duke of the Empire he wanted to welcome the boring aristocratic life, but he never expected that the times would change as the last obstacle, the family has been labeled as a villain by the new aristocracy and will be crushed by the general trend of history however, Xia yuan had to rely on his understanding of the game history to gradually enhance his strength lost treasure, taboo ancient weapons, eternal secret, forgotten epic... turn the tide of the times with one's own strength! Change your life against the sky! Rebirth... Knights swear, mages sing, dragons spread their wings pursue magic and truth and control the destiny of yourself and the times standing in the clouds, floating city, the throne of the sky when the bell rings, the signs finally appear it's time for the stars to return - [guqun: 450631831]

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