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The sage of Qin Dynasty is alive

The sage of Qin Dynasty is alive

The sage of Qin Dynasty is alive

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    The sage of Qin Dynasty is alive
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2022-01-16 19:26:09
"Set your mind for heaven and earth, set your life for the living people, continue your unique knowledge, and open peace for all ages." some people say that false, big and empty let's look at how an ordinary liberal arts student in the Qin Dynasty moved the strings of time and space the earth shines on all things, and Shennong does not die. Farmers are still not studying hybrid rice Yin Yang and limitless Tai Yi of the great road. Yin Yang family, go and discover the mystery of the universe Confucianism and Taoism have another interpretation of the realm of "unity of heaven and man" masters and Mohists, the essential attribute of the world is materiality the sages, your theories have spread to future generations, but they can not breed the seeds of natural science Lu Yan decided that he wanted to change this the Jianghu Dynasty hall is magnificent. Looking back, he has become a saint in the world PS: this book is not a cool article. It is even a little abusive in the early stage. It's not a complete system flow. Welcome to spray, provided you have read the first 60 chapters book friend exchange: Penguin: 701922453

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