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What do you call assistance?

What do you call assistance?

What do you call assistance?

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    What do you call assistance?
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    I heard you can pick up money
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    18ws Read
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S7 group match, EDG's first round group match broke down in 0-3 days at this time, the outside world scolded the auxiliary buckle can't bear the pressure and collapses into tears Abu and nofe are as anxious as ants on a hot pot in desperation, the coaching team can only invite Ye Qiu, the substitute of Mei Kou, to come to the rescue Ye Qiu is good at all kinds of wonderful things. After crossing EDG, he only played once. He took out his signature fire man and almost retired IBOY then he was completely pressed on the bench Ye Qiuren, who knew that he was about to be ordered, was stupid and shouted EDG, which was going to be completely rotten when ye Qiu is about to play, the [Ding! The most wonderful auxiliary system has been started] since then! Fire man, little mage, Prince, pan Sen and other heroes have become regular guests on the field when she got the s-crown and faced many praises and interviews, ye Qiu said calmly, "next time I want to win the champion skin of the sword saint."

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