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The stars are within reach

The stars are within reach

The stars are within reach

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    The stars are within reach
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    Lord of bigram
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    Air books
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2022-01-15 05:13:23
Dew on leaves, wild flowers beside rice scarlet earth, devil in the shadow dillesos continent is a dreamy fairy tale kingdom Great tombs of weeping on the continent of dillesos when the horn sounded on the field, when the long sad song sent the departed to the country in the sky, when the person with a mission preached justice in front of countless darkness, and when the person in a high position suddenly found his cage the white lies of our grandparents surfaced, and the dark era of our parents began to continue it's either a hero's story or a regret story cultivate the mulberry fields like your grandparents and stand like your parents this is a sad song that has lasted for half a century. It is a ballad of more than 40 years.

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