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My wife exchanged souls with the empress

My wife exchanged souls with the empress

My wife exchanged souls with the empress

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    My wife exchanged souls with the empress
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    Eat carrots raw
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    Mountain Book
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2022-01-16 11:44:43
After Ning Qingtian crosses the mountain, she is robbed by a female mountain thief to be the husband of the stronghold. Facing the mountain thief's wife who has more facial features than three views, Ning Qingtian gives in. Started to help his wife's rebellion, however, on the eve of the rebellion, the female mountain thief and the current female emperor exchanged souls because of an accident. Ning Qingtian, who was unaware of all this, still took the mountain thief's wife and started the road of rebellion when the rebel army finally hit outside the imperial capital, Ning Qingtian, who learned the truth about the exchange of the souls of his wife and the female emperor, turned green is the anti thief myself this book is also known as the anti thief husband behind the female emperor, I am the man who wants to be the mountain thief king, and children make choices

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