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Fantasy of Xia apprentice

Fantasy of Xia apprentice

Fantasy of Xia apprentice

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    Fantasy of Xia apprentice
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    Strange carefree son
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    Mountain Book
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2022-01-15 07:57:00
The reason why chivalrous disciples are chivalrous is that they are poor in their origin. They can neither work hard, nor be indifferent to their own pleasure. They can not but break the law for food -- the encounter of fate in LV simian's history of the two Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties ? Or is it man-made What are the aspirations of teenagers? Or just for beauty if the end of the journey has been doomed, what should we do illusory ideals can't be grasped like snowflakes, but "fate" really controls life. If this is the choice of the story, how to choose "when I decided to pick up the sword, I made a decision..." this is a semi overhead world, which tells a series of adventures and experiences of a group of people before a long time.

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