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The infinite heavens begin with the red chamber

The infinite heavens begin with the red chamber

The infinite heavens begin with the red chamber

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    The infinite heavens begin with the red chamber
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    Used battery
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    52weixin Books
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2021-11-30 02:54:54
It's good to travel through the world of Red Mansions and become Wei Ruolan's younger brother, the little transparent second childe of the Wei family in Zhongyong Bo's house, and the proper Xun GUI's son the problem is that Xun GUI in a dream of Red Mansions is doomed to die, including cheap brother Wei Ruolan. What should a little transparent do fortunately, I have golden fingers that can travel through the world and collect resources everywhere to develop myself. Whether it's the so-called "fate" or "luck", I have to break them all both emperors and immortals must be overturned this book can also be renamed "I want to be the leader of the world in the Red Chamber" and "about my crossing the red chamber and the heavens"................................................. two million words have been completed and included in the V old book "the infinite heavens running across", which has never been changed. The pit product is guaranteed! Whether it's food, grass or weeds, it can always help readers cushion their stomachs during the shortage of books!

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