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Baokemeng: the champion road of full-scale players

Baokemeng: the champion road of full-scale players

Baokemeng: the champion road of full-scale players

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3651 ratings
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    Baokemeng: the champion road of full-scale players
  • Author:

    Sheng and Xiao outside the city
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    Happy Read
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In the beautiful world of peaceful coexistence between mankind and baokemeng, Fang Yuxuan came with his discouraged partners here, I heard that the leading role of silly things is not guaranteed "how can this be? We must educate the dog hero and let him know something!" I heard that a man named dandy became the world champion "impossible, that's me, no... our location!" in addition, there are unknown organizations in various regions, breaking the shackles of time and space and breaking the void the connection between the world and the world breaks through and crosses the dimension unknown genius trainer, young man in red, his partners and countless Tianjiao crush all conspiracy and evil some people chase Tianjiao and try to surpass them. Others hope to get a glimmer of vitality in the collapse, so follow them even the life forbidden zone that nobody cares about. They also dare to break taboos which of the unknown forces with the will to destroy is better than the team formed by the unparalleled Tianjiao or onlookers are born in the sky, turning over a huge chess game and overlooking the world "it seems... Not as boring as I thought..."

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