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Under the black tide of Valoran

Under the black tide of Valoran

Under the black tide of Valoran

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    Under the black tide of Valoran
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    Running Melissa
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2022-01-15 06:34:18
Once on Fuguang island. In order to protect the king who swore allegiance to him all his life, he did not hesitate to give up his life. The knight rode a fine horse and brandished a long gun to pierce his chest. If everything was normal, he would have come to the arms of qianjue, the God of death but because of a magical accident, everything has changed. A dead man was restored by magic and reborn from the grave again. His mouth was filled with black fog. He was given a strength 100 times stronger than his life. He held a terrible sickle in his hand and would always obey his master's orders. As long as the king wants, he is willing to die for him at any time. "Pay the price for what you have done!" the huge death sickle penetrates your chest and wantonly reaps the souls of the invaders, "dare to covet the spirit of Queen izould, and I Albert, on behalf of the broken king, will grant you eternal death!" welcome to a remote corner in the northwest of the continent of Valoran, which is not recognized by the God of death, Hell without the boundary of life and death - Shadow island. Why is this boiled water tasteless. Everything is based on the official story background of the hero League. The hero League is the same as the humanities.

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