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Douluo s my soul Si kongzhen

Douluo s my soul Si kongzhen

Douluo s my soul Si kongzhen

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    Douluo s my soul Si kongzhen
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    Giant kitten
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    Famized book
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2022-01-18 02:40:26
Thunder comes from nine days, and darkness is born from the bare earth when struck by thunder, all are destroyed break the darkness with thunder Si kongzhen, a bully on the side road, killed all sides in the king's Canyon with the power of thunder, which frightened countless heroes but what kind of life will happen when Moyun comes to Douluo with the thunder power of Si kongzhen hold the thunder in your hand, and your heart is like the God of war. Kill everywhere and go all the way when dealing with enemies, smash them with thunder; when dealing with relatives and friends, guard them with thunder "my thunder can kill people, but he can also protect you all your life." this is mo Yun's most affectionate confession PS: after the book is on the shelf, it can be ordered for 500 copies. The author celebrates women's wear and sends it to the comment area and readers. If possible, I can broadcast it live, absolutely real people

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