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Taigu dragon elephant formula

Taigu dragon elephant formula

Taigu dragon elephant formula

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    Taigu dragon elephant formula
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    Wangzi steamed bread
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    18ws Read
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In ancient times, the strong were like clouds. There were demon giants who roared up to the sky and broke the stars outside the territory. There were people with supreme power who waved and broke the eternal sky. There is also an archaic dragon elephant, which is in charge of hundreds of millions of star regions and rules the heaven and the world the most powerful ancient taboo divinity, the ancient dragon and elephant formula, has disappeared since the end of the ancient times. Up to now, the ancient dragon and elephant formula has been lost for hundreds of millions of years after endless years, Lin Feng, a frustrated young man, occasionally got the first taboo magic skill of Taigu, the Taigu dragon elephant formula when Lin Feng walked out of a remote town in the northernmost part of the world, a legend began this is a world where the strong are like a forest and thousands of nationalities compete for the front. Ask the vast land, who is the master of ups and downs relying on the ancient dragon elephant formula, Lin Feng fought heaven and earth, swept all the strong in the sky and dominated all the world Group No.: 426393872, Group No.: 593922637

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