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Game making: start by healing players

Game making: start by healing players

Game making: start by healing players

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    Game making: start by healing players
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    Have a glass of red wine
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    Passion Novel
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Chen Xu traveled to the parallel world and was pleasantly surprised to find that many classic and excellent games in the previous life did not appear in the parallel world I wanted to expand my ambitions, but how can I bring an "emotion collection system" to make myself stronger by the emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, fear and anger provided by players who have played their own games but why is it easier to get resentment than happiness looking at his points, Chen Xu said he was puzzled as a result, Chen Xu's career as a game designer gradually went astray in legend, countless players beat the table and shouted: I was played by this game in escape, countless players shouted. My cabinet moved and I stopped playing in the soul of darkness, when countless players enter the game with a smile: roll, please roll, leave the fire girl, and then roll with your fire. We don't want to spread the fire soap, cockroach and ghost sacrifice in call of duty; In Final Fantasy 7, Zach was killed and Alice was stabbed; Arthur and John are betrayed in the wild escort countless players have gone wild collectively: NIMA Chen Xu, old thief, can't we be friendly to the protagonist ask me what I think of players' anger towards themselves facing the reporter's question, Chen Xu smiled: what is this? It's the encouragement of global players to me. This is love! Thank you, I will make persistent efforts!

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