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Town demon Museum

Town demon Museum

Town demon Museum

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    Town demon Museum
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    Yan ZK
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    Only Novel
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2021-12-06 12:48:22
The abnormality of the world is demon the nature and spirit of things are essence the soul does not disperse is strange the abnormality of things is strange Colonel Sili, formerly known as crouching tiger, was set up by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to cure witches and insects and catch crafty people with the global revival of aura and mystery, human beings groped for the path of cultivation, and the legendary goblins and ghosts emerged one by one. There are still countless demons shaking in the shadow. A museum that no one cares about, and a tiger waist token carved during the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, made Wei Yuan the last school captain of Sili and took him to many strange things from ancient to modern times it's a strange thing in ancient and modern times. The child doesn't speak, the strange force is confused, and I'll listen to it let's cut it an eight sided Han sword can cut all demons and monsters life and death should be determined, and the way of heaven is intentional when Wei Yuan was finally able to lie on a wooden chair and squint in the sun in peacetime, countless demons and ghosts had been sealed in the museum behind him.

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