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Reiki recovery: my martial arts can evolve automatically

Reiki recovery: my martial arts can evolve automatically

Reiki recovery: my martial arts can evolve automatically

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    Reiki recovery: my martial arts can evolve automatically
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    Under the moon
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2021-11-30 04:27:54
This is a world of Reiki recovery. The ancient giant animals sleeping underground recover. The negative energy of the Yin world begins to erode the Yang world. It seems that there are evil eyes peeping into the distant stars mankind has completely fallen into an era of darkness, turmoil and rain thanks to the revival of ancient martial arts, human beings barely protect themselves and establish one survival base after another when Li Hanye came to this world, he found that his martial arts would be cultivated automatically and even evolved "the golden bell jar feels the smell of yin and evil, indicating that it wants to eliminate it and evolve into a dragon tiger golden bell jar." "the Dragon Tiger golden bell jar feels that it is not strong enough to stimulate all its potential, and super evolved into a big day golden bell jar" "the bright light mantra evolved into a great bright light mantra because you contacted the relic and absorbed the inheritance of the eminent monk." "The Dragon elephant Prajna skill was humiliated because you lost your strength to the giant beast, and evolved into a god elephant prison strength" Li Hanye deeply regretted this. He clearly wanted to struggle with his own efforts, but the reality was so cold and ruthless that he deprived him of his right to struggle.

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