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Super God: start with the cold angel

Super God: start with the cold angel

Super God: start with the cold angel

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7526 ratings
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    Super God: start with the cold angel
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    Melon loving Panda
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    Happy Read
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Cao Yi, the protagonist, accidentally becomes an angel who has died in the war because he wants King Kong's good body and invulnerable kidney originally, he was a little disliked, but because of his strong body and almost eternal life, he was really fragrant in an instant Cao Yi, who suddenly rose from the fifth demand of life to the first demand, has his own new goal "in the past, my dream was to have a beautiful wife and spend endless money. Now my goal is the sea of stars!" "what? It's clearly Cao Yi who blew up your warship. Why do you want me to be cold?" do you want to face? My angel is cold. Of course, it's shameless. It's the guy named Cao Yi. " "girl, I think you're as beautiful as a flower. You're lonely here alone. Do you need me to warm you here? nonsense! The bastard named Cao Yi is the one who has a private life with you. My angel is cold but a serious angel!" "Brother, I think you have amazing bones and intelligent talents. There are excellent equipment here. Do you want to come and have a look to ensure that the goods are genuine and that children and old people are not deceived. All you need are five spirit stones! please find out. The guy who sold you the equipment and charged you is Cao Yi. Girl, my name is angel Leng!" In short, this is a story of an asshole who abducted and cheated in various worlds with two different identities.

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