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Become a savior in the heavens

Become a savior in the heavens

Become a savior in the heavens

Rating: 9 / 10 from 673 ratings
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    Become a savior in the heavens
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    The rabbit comes to cut the grass
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    Free Trial Novel
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He is the Savior of yumangi, the nightmare of Gotham gangs and the terminator of pseudo aliens he is the demon slayer, the pioneer of prehistoric civilization, the protector of dinosaur civilization and the leader of Zion rebel army he is the strongest mecha Hunter driver, the protector of mutants, and the mediator of silicon-based civilization and carbon based civilization he is a sharpshooter, an old driver, the pirate king, the God of tolerance, and the male god of female Saint fighters he is the leader of the avenger alliance, the boss of the justice alliance, the liberator of the timeline and the wanderer of the parallel universe he is the oldest true God in Asian civilization. He is the initiator of the twilight of the gods do you think he is Nobita? No, he is the Savior of all worlds - Damon!

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