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I created a myth template

I created a myth template

I created a myth template

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    I created a myth template
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    Sister bomb is here
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    365 Books
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Mysterious recovery, strange coming in the past, the prosperous paradise was divided by forbidden areas, and roaring and crazy strange words wound around the dead streets the blood moon soared in the sky, and the huge figure floated in the dark. The shadow of evil gods shrouded the world about to collapse, and the surviving human beings lived in the graveyard like city... Su Heng, who is terminally ill, enters a dream and incarnates as a myth template editor then, the world of despair ushered in the dawn a long golden snake that can surround the world, master the power of thunder, a monster with a huge fox tail like nine cloud mountains, a cataclysmic dragon whose body temperature exceeds the sun, and a giant dark star Titan like a planet gathered together by gravity the long snake around the earth, the world tree at dusk, the catastrophe, the black Emperor... When a mythical template was born in Su Heng's hands even evil gods can only tremble... book friends group (everyone can apply): 165753791

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