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Live love daily

Live love daily

Live love daily

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    Live love daily
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    The breeze blows the smoke
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    Canela books
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2021-11-25 19:33:04
These are some of the love I fantasized about. There are some small literary encounters, small sweet acquaintances, small romantic love... the early stage is the process of meeting and knowing each other. After establishing the relationship, there is the sweet love in my fantasy. I thought they would depict flying outside Dunhuang; I thought they were dancing under Mount Everest; I thought they were singing on the grassland... I want to write that two people help each other, achieve each other and change each other... the rhythm will not be too fast, but will be more daily inside it will not be particularly sweet at first. Adult love, in addition to being human instinct, should be a process of gradual soul harmony there won't be too many ups and downs and tangles. After all, it's my fantasy love, so I don't want to have too many messy sadistic love well, it's almost like this. After confirming the relationship, two anchors and up hosts sing and dance together, play games together and send short love videos together through live broadcast and video interaction finally, I will add some songs written by myself. Ha ha, they are not well written, but anyway, you can't hear songs and can only see words. Therefore, in the world I build, it is invincible!

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