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Sabre hidden moon

Sabre hidden moon

Sabre hidden moon

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    Sabre hidden moon
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    Ink splashing Book mania
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    Vchale Novel
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2021-11-25 19:35:54
What is troubled times? It's just three parts of the world, five parts of loyalty and righteousness, two parts of the bright moon, eternal romantic. What is a hero? It's just that you have the world in mind, the sea embraces all rivers, the body has pride and the sword hides the soul. This book takes the struggle between black and white as the main line, and reveals the true nature of human nature between the Jianghu and the court. There are no good and evil in the world. Some people just have different positions. Even if the future is strange and the people are unpredictable, I still drink and sing wildly, happy and carefree. My life is up to me. Looking at the affairs of Kyushu, I exercise power under the heaven, wave my hands, scatter thousands of gold, and lie drunk on the knees of beauty. Just like a man.

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