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Astringent me

Astringent me

Astringent me

Rating: 9 / 10 from 403 ratings
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    Astringent me
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    Melancholy Li Shao
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    Weixin Book
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2021-11-29 20:00:54
This novel is the real idea of my heart. The content is a combination of virtual and real. Some are adapted from what happened around me, and some are fantasies. The novel consists of many stories, most of which are not related, but the characters in it are my ideal form and my abbreviation in life. There are me with high martial arts, me with rich family, me with romantic style and so on. Therefore, the novel is called me with astringent form. Why is it not the color of color? Because I feel life is bitter. My writing style is not good. I focus on telling stories rather than how vivid the stories are. Therefore, it may look a little boring. It is mixed with many personal ideas. I hope I can feel something about you. Finally, I hope my friends who don't like it don't spray if they don't like it. Thank you!!!

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