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The secret journey of the pirate world

The secret journey of the pirate world

The secret journey of the pirate world

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    The secret journey of the pirate world
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    Gentry East
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    The One Book
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2021-12-06 20:26:13
Instructions for reading: 1. The protagonist Zig (zigfried) takes a God's way in the Lord of mysteries as the golden finger and combines it with the pirate system. The power of the God's way has changed, which is consistent with the explanation of the pirate king's local power system. He has not read the Lord of mysteries and does not affect his reading of this book 2. It is set that before the protagonist crosses, the comic book "pirate king" only sees deres Rosa (the author himself has a track record) 3. The protagonist is a transgressor, which can be seen as wearing or as a homotopy crossing. After crossing, the body age decreases 4. At the beginning, Tianlong people were slaves, but the slave career was only shown in the first chapter in the form of diary (required reading) to reduce the length of suffocation 5. Judging from the opening identity, the protagonist railway station is the opposite of the world government, and in most of the space, he acts as a "pirate" and is not allowed to enter if he doesn't like it 6. In the early stage, I went to the sun ship. In the early and middle stages, I was on the red hair ship. As a cadre, I followed the red hair to the top of the four emperors. I won't disclose it in the later stage 7. Qi Ge's character and belief will be more complex and have an obvious transformation process than the protagonists in his previous works (gentry East) 8. "The people in the new world who are domineering are like crucian carp crossing the river." - this book is set to accept the saying of green pepper, and many people will be domineering.

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