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Nine secluded and ten unique

Nine secluded and ten unique

Nine secluded and ten unique

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    Nine secluded and ten unique
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    Daily Novel
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2021-12-01 22:34:12
It is said that since ancient times, there have been ten kinds of tomb gates, which are extremely treacherous and called ten unique gates in the world for thousands of years, there has been only one saying: "ten unique doors cannot be opened!" rosefinch red flame gate, Xuanwu cold frost gate, Yinglong stepping on the sky gate, snake hiding gate, gluttonous eating empty gate, gouchen soul taking gate, poor strange Zhenling gate, chaotic fantasy gate, candlelight heartbroken gate, Youying soul leaving gate What unspeakable upheavals have taken place before the top ten what secret is hidden after ten unique doors< br> the story begins with Zhao Zhe, a descendant of the Zhao family a mysterious ancient book on geomancy, which records the construction and opening methods of ten unique doors, so that the Zhao family embarked on the road of stealing tombs< br> Zhao Zhe's accidental discovery led to a long-standing mystery< br> there are no people in the tomb, and there are dead souls everywhere Where can I find the answer Zhao Zhe, with the translation of ancient books, can you open the door to the truth

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