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Beauty Jianhao came with barbecue

Beauty Jianhao came with barbecue

Beauty Jianhao came with barbecue

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    Beauty Jianhao came with barbecue
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    Citrus, banana, pear and pomelo
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    Mountain Book
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On the great channel, a warship sailed. On the deck, a white haired woman wore two sabres, one black and one white, one long and one short, and another famous knife in her hand watching the retired marshal of the Warring States period, the great general red dog and the great general Green Pheasant competed for the marshal, and predicted who would hold the vacant position the woman sighed and murmured to herself, "it's impossible to be a general. It's impossible to be a general in this life. It's impossible to be a overlord. You can only live like this if you are a dove lieutenant general." after that, the woman picked up the big bone and meat on one side, bit it, and vaguely shouted to the adjutant: "return! If you cruise again, you'll meet the pirate!" --- this is the story of a transgressor on the sea after he got the great attainments of the role of poisonous milk powder - blade shadow inheritance.

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