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Taiyi huadou

Taiyi huadou

Taiyi huadou

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    Taiyi huadou
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    Fish don't laugh
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    Hotel novel
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2021-11-25 21:23:11
During an operation to arrest cultural relics smugglers, Li Jie, the captain of the criminal police team, accidentally got an ancient and mysterious seal character jade amulet. In the next action, in order to protect his teammates, Li Jie was hit by the bullet of the criminal. His blood flowed on the jade amulet in the flying snow, bringing his soul to a different world called San Soto, a world where sword and magic shine, and human beings coexist with other races here, Li Jie's soul has a wonderful fusion with a talented young man named Rui. What's more wonderful is that Rui's life experience seems to be inextricably linked with Li Jie... two memories and two lives are intertwined and inseparable in his mind the ignorant yearning of Sunshine Youth and the vicissitudes of the worldly world, which is the real self the boundless sea, tall buildings, vast forests and weaving traffic, where is my hometown the struggle between gods and immortals continues for thousands of years in order to pursue the home and dream in his heart, the protagonist relies on the wisdom and courage of two generations to constantly pursue clues and strength, and finally uncover the truth hidden behind the alien world

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