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A scientific pirate

A scientific pirate

A scientific pirate

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    A scientific pirate
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    Hongye Zhixuan
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    Passion Novel
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2021-11-25 21:22:13
"When I first joined the warship, the Marines on the ship had not formed combat effectiveness. They lacked artillery, experience and, most importantly, personnel. There were two or three big cats and kittens, and they couldn't even catch 10 million bounty criminals. the ship was very small, the sails were broken, and two people couldn't even get three shells. I went to the Navy General Yan ape to ask for supplies. Guess what the general said "'I don't have any materials. I'm dying. You see how much my head is worth. If I can do it, you can cut my head and change guns. I don't say anything. If I could cut you, I would have cut you. I think again, I can't kill him, but he can't be killed by me. No one can do anything beyond my ability. I'm balanced when I think about it. in this way, my life on the sea At the beginning of his career, he couldn't even solve the little pirates who couldn't enter the stream. It can be said that he was on a blue Trail... discussion group of book friends: 894562103