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Zhutian survival diary

Zhutian survival diary

Zhutian survival diary

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1723 ratings
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    Zhutian survival diary
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    Dr. Sakura man
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2021-11-26 19:45:55
He fought tenaciously for survival in Diablo 2 and gained game skills... when he tried to seize Taoism in the ninth uncle's world and save the country against Japan, he was beaten by all decent people and sent him to see the light of destruction... he planted a sacred tree in the shadow of the fire, but big barrel Wood said he was an invader... he killed falsehood in the God of death, but the God of death said he was ambitious, Every one of them tried their best to kill him... there is no man of good and evil power. Good and evil depend on the people's heart, on the style of work and on the purpose time is quiet. Unconsciously, Li Yan finds that he has stood at the top of the universe of the heavens and become one of the top leaders who control the heavens remotely.

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