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Marvel: the name of Wukong

Marvel: the name of Wukong

Marvel: the name of Wukong

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    Marvel: the name of Wukong
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    Rising embers in the sky
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    Pc Books
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2021-11-25 22:26:07
Lu Ming: great sage, did you give me this power Monkey King: Well, the seed of power is born. I give you what kind of achievements you can make Lu Ming once served in the reconnaissance company of a military region in Northwest China. After retirement, he went to Africa for investigation and was transmitted to marvel world in a storm. When he first entered marvel, his strength was sealed to be comparable to that of the American team (no fifty five skills). The endless darkness dispersed, and what came into view was the South African jungle in the early 1990s no one knows what will happen tomorrow, but what Luming can do is to grasp its own resources, give full play to its advantages and survive in Marvel world originating from the power of Qi Tian Da Sheng, Lu Ming can only play the level of super soldier at the beginning, but with the passage of time, he can do more. He also has an ally, vakanda, to develop his own power in marvel of course, he will experience a lot in Marvel world. Without changing the general plot, he will try his best to make the world less regretful. After all the dust is settled, he will hand over the big flag to young people to carry. And he looked at the rising direction of the eastern sun and went home.

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