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Darkness of global Tower Defense

Darkness of global Tower Defense

Darkness of global Tower Defense

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    Darkness of global Tower Defense
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2021-11-28 09:47:54
Chu Shen's soul crosses the alien world the world was swept by the dark forces, and endless monsters and land poured out of the dark void human beings have become bottom creatures in an instant. They can only survive in a harsh environment. After paying a heavy price, they finally built a high wall to temporarily curb the invasion of dark creatures by relying on the tower defense but there are still countless dark creatures outside the high wall for the continuation of the ethnic group, all adult humans will be transported into the dark depths, establish temporary strongholds, collect resources, find new areas, and open up a suitable place for human survival Chu Shen, who entered the dark world, accidentally obtained the dark blue enhancement system. He can directly ignore the cumbersome enhancement process and directly strengthen the tower defense, city walls and puppets... relying on the tower defense gift package of plants and Zombies given by the system, Chu Shen began the road of tower defense while expanding the living territory, the monsters encountered are becoming stronger and stronger. With the monsters becoming stronger and stronger, there are more and more types of tower defense donated by the system there are the light edge tower of the red police, the protoss mother ship of StarCraft, and the immortal sword array

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