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Sword gate Fairy

Sword gate Fairy

Sword gate Fairy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2105 ratings
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    Sword gate Fairy
  • Author:

    Shu Cheng
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    Sky Book
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Time flies. Who is the devil? I am a god box. I can put the shuttle. If the shuttle box is broken, it can also be combined without flying shuttle. In the long years, life is like a light, which disappears in an instant. Space and time are brothers, but they are natural enemies. People have two selves, one is positive and the other is negative. Just me, often my heart is to the Buddha. Negative me is often a mental barrier. Buddha and devil seem to be a pair of brothers and natural enemies to the universe. The vastness of space is the Buddha, and the ruthless passage of time is the devil. The space god Buddha king and the light, yin and poison demon king fought in chaos and finally won. The demon corpse turned into Tianshui and scattered in the world. The space god Buddha, the original God has been lost. Close the space God box and sleep for 3000 years to get a trace of the original God. Cultivate immortals in the lower world and return to the divine realm through the reincarnation of life and death of three generations. He has experienced the fate of Jiang Lanfeng, Gu Yifan, Hu Tianhua, the third life, whether it is Xiuxian, or the love and hate of the world of mortals, with its story plot, ups and downs, stirring