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I m not a big mouth star

I m not a big mouth star

I m not a big mouth star

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    I m not a big mouth star
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    Aim to be a marquis
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2021-11-29 23:27:45
Joey Dorsey in this life is no longer the little attendant around Yao mai; No longer a tramp in the NBA; It's not the unlucky guy who was hammered by Oden... but the only constant is his increasingly proficient mouth gun Kung Fu! NCAA coach Calipari: "every time I watch Joey Dorsey's game, I have to take quick acting heart-saving pills, because I'm not sure whether I will be amazed by arrhythmia or be angry with him!" Adelman: "I don't know how to describe Joey Dorsey. There is no doubt that he is a genius, but sometimes he becomes a nuisance. He is like Schrodinger's cat. He is the superposition of angels and demons. You never know what he will do next." Derek Ross: "Joey Dorsey is my big brother, the kind of bar iron!"

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