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Ask the ethereal record of sword

Ask the ethereal record of sword

Ask the ethereal record of sword

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    Ask the ethereal record of sword
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    Thousands of miles of the Yangtze River
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    365 Books
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2021-11-29 04:51:38
North from the border, in the river city of Qizhou, two notorious Nanyang flower pickers met a little girl who disguised as a man and didn't like to get a gun, but only liked to dance a sword. She ran away from home, plus a mysterious boy from a snowy mountain wearing bear skin, amazing medical skills and peerless martial arts... they all came for the sword debate and made do with each other, On the way to the sword discussion meeting, they supported each other, overcame many difficulties, and the team grew stronger and stronger. They made great achievements in the sword discussion meeting and became famous in the Jianghu. Then, because of their identity and persistence, their every move unconsciously stirred up the situation in the whole Jianghu and even the whole world... but in life, who doesn't want to take the sword to the ends of the world, It is said that the road ahead is free and unfettered. Since then, people are ethereal. Storytellers will record their past events in the sword Jianghu and make up stories for future generations to know

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