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Hungry shark: infinite evolution

Hungry shark: infinite evolution

Hungry shark: infinite evolution

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    Hungry shark: infinite evolution
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    Tang Song Yuan Ming Dynasty
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    365 Books
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2021-12-06 03:42:10
Join the blue ocean and become a shark known as the wolf in the sea, with the help of infinite evolutionary system ordinary sharks: tiger shark, great white shark, whale shark, giant toothed shark, shark carving, nine headed shark........ low level extraordinary sharks: ice shark, day shark, electric shark, lava shark, scarlet shark........ intermediate extraordinary sharks: Ghost shark, blood eating shark, cold light shark, blue water shark, zombie shark........ high level extraordinary sharks: Magic shark, mechanical shark, atomic shark, Plague shark............ perfect and extraordinary Shark: shazilla, force field shark, dark shark, dragon eating shark and sun shark............ but above the extraordinary, evolution still keeps on divine Shark: world shark, axis shark, timing shark, celestial shark, eternal shark............... multi cosmic plane, many worlds and endless creatures. Only infinite evolution can achieve eternity "I am the master of hundreds of millions of sharks, the shark Empire does not destroy the emperor shark, the multi-dimensional eternal shark God, and the dark blue master of the world..." "all the oceans are my territory." "what? Why do you occupy land and sky with the ocean?" "the macro cosmic sea and the micro quantum sea are all my oceans!"

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