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Douluo 4 s demon God Road

Douluo 4 s demon God Road

Douluo 4 s demon God Road

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    Douluo 4 s demon God Road
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    Xia Yin candle
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-01-17 12:09:09
[crossing + female strength + dismantling CP] PS: This is a female wear. If you can't get used to it, abandon the book quickly, make a detour, enclose the land and sprout. It's completely original. If there are similarities, it's all a coincidence Mo ran Sha, a miserable woman who has been a professional killer for ten years and didn't get ahead in the circle, drank too much one day, climbed to the roof to look at the stars, and slipped and fell when I woke up, I found that I was wearing Douluo IV and decided to get ahead of the assassination circle in this world as a result... Shrek's headmaster found her mother, and her unreliable mother put the blame on herself... then... She was specially recruited No, no, no, no, I need an explanation. I want to be a villain... "ink stained sand, three no girls (no mouth, no heart, no expression), late stage of social phobia, late stage of salted fish, late stage of lazy cancer." the author waved his pen, "how can you be a villain like this..."

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