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Douluo, I m fooling around in Tangmen

Douluo, I m fooling around in Tangmen

Douluo, I m fooling around in Tangmen

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    Douluo, I m fooling around in Tangmen
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    Cotton deer
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    Free Novel
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2022-01-15 11:30:58
This book is also called "I hold my thigh in Tangmen", "I really want to hold my thigh", "no one doesn't want to hold my thigh" Ye Nanxiao caught up with the mighty crossing trend and became a member of the crossing army. Fortunately, he crossed Douluo with his golden finger however, due to the threat of the sun moon Empire, Xu Tianran's ambition is hidden, waiting for the evil soul master who controls the sun moon Empire and acts secretly Huo Yuhao has not yet entered Shrek college Ye Nanxiao decided to hold his thigh, so he went to the Tang clan and became the deputy leader of the Tang clan. He brought the Tang clan to create brilliance again he went to Shrek college again. As a result, Mr. Mu asked him to take good care of Shrek college he went to the sun moon Empire again. As a result, the emperor of the sun moon empire was replaced by a female emperor Ye Nanxiao, who became the God King many years later, shrugged and said helplessly: at first, I wanted to hold my thigh (will follow the original, a large number of original plot, timeline and some character plot changes.)

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